Special Franchise Categories

The franchise arrangement enables you to get to the market and start making money immediately with our proven brand name and awareness, tested management principle and great product/service put together in over 20 years of molding a successful business.

Perpetual Portable

This is a start-up concept for a biginner with basic fast food operation equipment.
  • Dinning Area
  • Kitchenette/Pantry
  • Managers Office
  • Conveniences
  • Ice-Cream/Popcorn Palor

Bronze Concept

This concept contain everything to manage a full fast food/Restaurant operation
  • Perpetual Portable
  • Preparatory
  • Restaurant
  • Pantry
  • Changing Room
  • Dry & Wet Store

Silver Concept

This Silver Concept of perpetual taste franchise is design for quality standard to compete locally and international
  • Bronze Concept
  • Sluice
  • Play pen
  • Cloak Room
  • Shawarma Parlor

Golden Concept

This is a final, it includes everything about fast food/Restaurant and mall, for shopping
  • Silver Concept
  • Bakery
  • Shopping Mall
  • Delivery Bay
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